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Discover the Exciting Features in Salon Booking System 9.3

As we usher in the New Year, we are thrilled to unveil the latest release of Salon Booking System 9.3, packed with a host of innovative features.


Let’s delve into the details:

1. **Service Off-set:**
Introducing the ability to add a time span between consecutive reservations that include specific services. Easily configured from the Service settings page, you have the flexibility to determine the duration of the span (off-set).


2. **Service Lock:**
Empower yourself with the capability to restrict new reservations for a particular service on the same date and within a specified time span. This feature, when activated, ensures enhanced control over your scheduling.


3. **Restrict Salon Staff Access to Back-End Calendar:**
Take charge of your salon’s operations by granting selective access to the back-end calendar. When linking an Assistant to a Salon Staff user, activate this option to allow access exclusively to the back-end calendar.


4. **New Back-End Calendar Booking Details UI:**
Experience an improved user interface for back-end calendar booking details. We’ve made subtle enhancements to elevate the usability of this interface, providing you with a more seamless booking experience.




In addition to these exciting additions, we’ve diligently addressed the following bugs in this release:

– Fixed issue with Manual Booking Confirmation option
– Fixed issue with Back-end calendar
– Fixed issue with missing back-end salon booking menu items
– Fixed issue with Multiple Assistants selection, Service Variable price by assistant


Upgrade to Salon Booking System 9.3 now and elevate your salon management experience!


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