New “SOAP Notes” add-on

Customers data management system with Salon Booking System

customers data management system

If you are a therapist or a manager of a little clinic you likely need a way to collect your customers personal data, their health condition information and at the same time fill out some SOAP notes every time they visit you.

With Salon Booking System and Advanced Custom Fields plugin you can setup a complete customer data management system in a very easy way.

In this infographic we’ll explain how you can accomplish this easy task.


Salon Booking System SOAP notes form



Customer personal data form field – example

You can create “customers profile” custom fields that are displayed only inside the “Booking my account” page on the “Update profile” tab.

Official documentation link

































Customer “Booking history” table

Therapists can access this table from the “Customers” section of Salon Booking and from here go to each past reservation details to access the SOAP notes.


Customers personal data – back-end section

Therapists can access this table from the “Customers” section of Salon Booking and look at the customer personal details.


SOAP notes form

This form has been made using Advanced Custom Fields plugin associating the fields to the Salon Booking System “booking” custom post type.

Therapist can access this form from the “Bookings” section of Salon Booking System.

SOAP notes form


Are you interested in setting up this user data management system on your website? Drop us an email.


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