New “SOAP Notes” add-on

Collect reviews from your salon customers

Since the last version of Salon Booking System you can now ask your customers to submit a review from your favourite platform like “Google My Business”, “Facebook”, “Yelp” or whatever platform you like.

You only need to set the “Feedback submission url” field.

How you can get this URL ?


Let’s make some examples:

Google My Business

– Access your Google My Business account
– Click on “Share review form” button
– Copy the generated URL
– Paste it inside the “Feedback submission url” field



Facebook business page

– Access your facebook page settings
– Go to “Templates and tabs” section
– Look for “Reviews” tab
– From the “Share reviews tab” section click on “Copy URL”
– Paste this URL inside “”Feedback review URL” field on Salon Booking


Important note:

You can use whatever platform of your choice to collect reviews from your customers. Just set the correct URL.


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