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Rethinking small business web design

Disclaimer: This is a quite long post, read it with care.   Some questions every small business owners should ask themself Did you ever measured how much your website really […]

Salon Booking System and Zapier integration

From the 4.9.3 version of Salon Booking System a new Zapier.com integration feature is available, allowing you to connect Salon Booking System with one of the thousand of apps available […]

New custom fields management system

With the new 4.0 version, Salon Booking System has launched a new custom fields management interface. From now on you can create and manage as many custom fields as you […]

Salon Booking System 3.0, settings revamped

Hi, We hope you are safe and well, here at Salon Booking System have a great news for you. We’ve finally redesigned our plugin settings in a more contemporary style, […]

New mobile app improvements

As promised our new version of the mobile app for Salon Booking System is now available on the App Store and Play Store. Here the improvements we made: – Swipe […]

We offer ten 50% off coupons for our “Small Agency Pass”

It’s time for a new offer here at Salon Booking System, there are only 10 coupon codes available to get our “Small Agency Pass” at 50% of its official price. […]

Salon Booking System September updates

Hi everyone, we do hope you are well. Here at Salon Booking System is beginning an important moment of the year. September is the moment for future planning, to define […]

Salon Booking System – mobile app updates

Hi! Hope you are well. This email just to apology with those of you that have been experiencing issues using our mobile app. For you, and for all users of […]

Get Salon Booking System PRO license at 50% OFF

It has been a very tough time for everybody, we struggled to stay safe during the COVID lockdown, we then experienced a great increase of the plugin users due to […]

Salon Booking System 3.43 is ready

Hi! I hope you are well : ) We at Salon Booking System have been quite busy in order to complete this new release. In this new version you’ll find […]

Choose the right WordPress theme for your website

Choosing the right theme for your WordPress website when you plan to use our Salon Booking System is so crucial for your business success and to avoid useless wast of […]

Mobile app redesigned

  We’ve finally released a new version of our official mobile app. We’ve totally redesigned it in order to provide you a better user experience. For the moment the features […]

Salon and Hair Styling inspirational websites design

Hi! here you can find a selection of the best website designs for Salons, Barber Shops and Hair Stylists choose among our current users of Salon Booking System. We picked […]

Booking system for social distancing requirements

A booking system to fix the social distancing requirements As you know stores around the world are facing many problems due to the COVID-19 and the social distancing requirements to […]

“FUCKYOUCOVID19” the hope promotion

As you well know here in Italy, but also many of you around the world, we are still facing a very hard time due to the outbreak of this pandemic […]

Follow us on our official Twitter account

Salon Booking System WordPress plugin has a new Twitter account. Welcome on the official Salon Booking System Twitter account. Follow us to stay connected and informed on our more important […]

Some good reasons to don’t go cheap on your hosting plan

  This is the fifth year that we are on the market with Salon Booking System plugin and we can say that we’ve received, and answered, thousand of support requests […]

Salon Booking System 3.34 is now available

Just a couple of weeks since the last version release we are ready to give you a new exciting updates of Salon Booking System. In this new version we’ve added […]

10 Essential Features for a Salon Booking System to have

A decent online booking system can make your life easier. A great one can not only make your life easier but increase both your profits and customer satisfaction ratings. Many […]

We’ve redesigned our Salon Booking System mobile app

We are pretty aware that the current mobile app of Salon Booking System has a very basic interface design and a very limited set of features. It’s now the time […]