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Follow us on our official Twitter account

Salon Booking System WordPress plugin has a new Twitter account. Welcome on the official Salon Booking System Twitter account. Follow us to stay connected and informed on our more important […]

Some good reasons to don’t go cheap on your hosting plan

  This is the fifth year that we are on the market with Salon Booking System plugin and we can say that we’ve received, and answered, thousand of support requests […]

Salon Booking System 3.34 is now available

Just a couple of weeks since the last version release we are ready to give you a new exciting updates of Salon Booking System. In this new version we’ve added […]

10 Essential Features for a Salon Booking System to have

A decent online booking system can make your life easier. A great one can not only make your life easier but increase both your profits and customer satisfaction ratings. Many […]

We’ve redesigned our Salon Booking System mobile app

We are pretty aware that the current mobile app of Salon Booking System has a very basic interface design and a very limited set of features. It’s now the time […]

Salon Booking System customer loop scheme

As a salon owner you should know that the appointment booking process should be considered as repeating cycle pattern where the customers repeatedly interact with your salon. Salon Booking System […]

A brand new documentation

We’ve a good news for you. We’ve just launched our new documentation section for Salon Booking System. We used one of the best platform on the market for the knowledge […]

New payments methods add-on


we are back again with some good news for you.

We just released three new payment methods add-on:

– Viva Wallet
– Wallee
– Concardis Payengine

In a copule of weeks we count to make a new release of Salon Booking System plugin bringing some improvements and bug fixes.

Salon Booking System – custom features development service

At The Salon Booking System were thrilled to announce our latest initiative – a Custom Features Development Service!

We’ve listened to you – our valued clients – and are delighted we can now offer you a tailored plugin solution for your salon’s unique needs.

Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with a totally customized solution for your personal services business.

Salon Booking 24hrs Summer Discount

From August the 1st until 15th we’ll take a break to enjoy our summer holidays and we want to celebrate with you our upcoming vacations time. For the next 24 hours since now you can benefit from a 50% DISCOUNT for every purchase made on our website using this coupon code: SUMMER2019

Enjoy now this discount and have a great summer time.

Discover Salon Booking Ecosystem

Dear user,

our team is working at this plugin for more than five years and by the time Salon Booking is getting bigger and bigger in terms of features, add-ons and integrations.

It’s difficult even for us to have a whole picture of the entire system that Salon Booking is made of and we are sure that for you, as an end user, it could be much more difficult to be aware of all the potentialities of this software.

Salon Booking System mobile app

Salon Booking System mobile app is the official app of Salon Booking System plugin for Android and iOS to manage on-line reservations. Salon Booking System mobile app is for salon […]

Are you using Salon Booking API for a custom project?

Hi! We would be very happy to know who among you are using our plugin APIs to integrate Salon Booking with a third part platform. As we intend to keep […]

Salon Booking CHAT-BOT revamped

Hi, We’ve rebased a brand new version of our CHATBOT add-on. As you will see we’ve redesigned the whole UI in order to improve the booking experience trough the messaging […]

Salon Booking Premium Bundle at a special price

Dear Salon Booking user, we’ve just released a new product bundle made of: – Salon Booking plugin – Multi-Shops – Chat-bot This special package will give you the possibility to […]

Salon Booking System – RESTFUL API

Hi, I want you to know that Salon Booking System plugin from the 3.25 version is equipped with full set of API. Our API can be used to make your […]

Salon Booking Multi-Shops add-on is finally ready for Beta testing

After long time we can finally announce the release of the first Beta version of our Multi-Shops add-on. This add-on has been designed for those who need to manage multiple […]

Salon Booking System needs your suggestions

  Salon Booking is going to invest an important amount of new financial resources on its continuous development to make it even better. We need your precious feedback as daily […]

Salon Booking System new documentation section

Hi we want to help you out with Salon Booking System plugin and we have just created a much more organized “Documentation” section where you can find all the posts […]

Salon Booking is looking for a talented and experienced web developer

In order to reinforce our development team we are looking for an experienced and talented web developer able to demonstrate an high end knowledge in the following fields: Php Javascript […]