A brand new documentation

We’ve a good news for you. We’ve just launched our new documentation section for Salon Booking System.

We used one of the best platform on the market for the knowledge base management. From now on it will be more simple for you to access to the topics you really need and discover all the possible features of our plugin.

This docs section is equipped with a very powerful search engine that will find the right answers to any doubts.

You’ll be able to access to our documentation from this link:

But also from the support chat on our official website and from the next release of Salon Booking System  you’ll be able to consult our docs from the “Support” tab of the plugin from your own website.

This is just a very first version of this knowledge base, we are working every day to add as much information as we can and to keep it updated.

If you have some topics that according you should be better documented drop us an email we’ll be happy to follow your suggestions.


P.S. check-out our new AGENCY PASS